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PortScan & Stuff 1.62 Portable

PortScan & Stuff 1.62 Portable

PortScan - утилита, с помощью которой можно найти все активные устройства в сети. При запуске сканирования портов программа отображает все открытые порты, а также массу дополнительной информации, как например имя хоста, MAC-адрес, HTTP, SMB, FTP, ISCSI, SMTP службы и т.д. Также PortScan позволяет осуществлять поиск подключенных устройств и пинговать любой ПК в сети.

PortScan is an easy to use network scanner that can quickly check an IP range and return information about the alive machines. Especially useful if you wish to check the details of your networks computers, PortScan is not quite a complicated program, although its more or less obvious that its not addressed to beginners. Its clean interface relies on a tabbed layout, so you can easily access the feature you want with a single click.

Scanning the network is as easy as inputting the IP range, while PortScan takes care of the whole job for you. It scans all available ports and shows details such as MAC address, hostname, open ports and HTTP servers for each connected machine. Additionally, you can also start a ping session and ping an IP address or a hostname, with three modes at your disposal: 3 short pings, large ping suite and continuously pigging.

Last but not least, the application incorporates a speed testing tool with basic options, thus helping you determine the download and upload speed of your network connection. PortScan works like a charm regardless of the Windows version running on your system, remaining friendly with hardware resources all the time. You don't need administrator privileges on Windows 7 machines, but you may have to grant access to the network in your firewall.

All in all, PortScan is a decent app that serves its purpose and, what's more, it relies on a very clean interface to get information about HTTP, FTP, SMTP and SMB services.

Активация|рег код: FREE
Язык Интерфейса: EN + RU
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
Размер: 1.0 Mb

PortScan & Stuff 1.62 Portable

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