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Vocabulary .NET 4.7.6656.1 Portable

Vocabulary .NET 4.7.6656.1 Portable

Vocabulary .NET - Программа поможет вам в изучении иностранных слов. Она интегрируется с Google-переводчиком, что позволяет вам создавать, редактировать и проходить тесты легче. Для изучения языков используется база Google-переводчика и собственные словари пользователей. Для запоминания слов используется 3 прогрессивных метода.

Vocabulary .NET is a tool that helps you learning multi-language vocabulary. It integrates Google Dictionary and TTS that you can create, edit and take practice tests easier. The program includes a demonstration database that teaches English to Chinese users. Users who want to learn another language, or prefer definitions in their language need to create their own database of words. The vocabulary builder makes that comfortable by using Google Dictionary information to fill out target language information automatically. All the user needs to do is to add a word, and let the program do the rest. The source and destination languages need to be selected on first use, but are remembered afterwards.

It is sometimes necessary to edit the data pulled from Google Dictionary, especially the phonetic field does not seem to be filled out at all. The program supports three different vocabulary learning modes.

The first is the least interactive, as it simply reads and displays words or phrases to the user. Users need to make sure that the right language is selected in the lower left corner, for the pronunciation to make sense. The pronunciation is pretty good, if the right language is selected. The speed and other settings can be configured in the options.

Test mode is the second vocabulary learning mode. It hides all or part of the word, and only displays the description and pronounces it to the user. It is now up to the user to fill out the missing characters.

Practice mode is similar to the test mode, with the difference that the word or phrase is fully displayed, and that the user needs to write it completely in the interface.

ОС: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32/64-bit)
Активация: FREE
Интерфейс: английский + русский
Размер: 1.3 Mb

Vocabulary .NET 4.7.6656.1 Portable

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