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Everyone Piano + Portable

Everyone Piano + Portable

Everyone Piano - виртуальное пианино, которое позволяет использовать в качестве клавиш вашу клавиатуру. Вы сможете настроить любую клавишу под собственные нужды.

Особенности программы «Everyone Piano»:
Воспроизведение с использованием всех клавиш клавиатуры
Настройка клавиш
Поддержка воспроизведения и записи
Встроенные демо-композиции
Everyone Piano бесплатна!

Everyone Piano is computer keyboard piano simulation software and it is free forever. With ordinary computer keyboard, it enables you to play world famous piano music. Everyone Piano's powerful timbre database can make lifelike and real-time piano sound, even with onboard sound card. Moreover, it can also simulate the footplate of piano. The program allows your to play a virtual Grand piano using your computer keyboard, and record the played song, then save it to an EOP format file. Everyone Piano also provides you with a music player, so you can listen to the recorded song and see where you need improvement. Moreover, the program offers users support for stave and numbered musical notation learning.

Everyone Piano Features and Benefits:
Connect externally MIDI keyboard, enjoy Grand Piano.
* Support keyboard apart, two hands playing.
* Support automatic accompaniment, rhythm packing and synchronization.
* Connect externally MIDI keyboard or electronic organ.
* Customize the note layout of the keyboard.
* Switch the dynamic skins.
* Support stave and numbered musical notation learning.
* Adjust the playing speed.
* Support loading the Vsti sound database.
* Support onboard sound card, timely playing.
* Simulate the pedal of piano.
* Customize the keyboard and support playing semitone.
* Support record, playback, music score show, inflexion and octave.
* Come with the demo and teaching music.
* Come with dozens of teaching and entertainment plug-in.
* And more...

ОС: Windows XP, Vista, 7/8.x/10 (32/64-bit)
Язык интерфейса: английский + RU
Лекарство: не требуется
Размер: 5.5/5.8 Mb

Everyone Piano

Everyone Piano Portable

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